I am a child of Salina, by Muzafer Beljo Čauši

  • Thursday August 9th, 2018
Photo By: Adrian Perović
Photo by: Adrian Perović

(MN) Ja Sam Dijete Solane, By Muzafer Beljo Čauši

Photo by: Adrian Perovic

Ulcinj people know what it means: I grew up on a ‘salty loaf’, sweet as sugar. It was made and brought by my father who worked for Salina for decades.

Every year, just at the beginning of August, my father would return from work and be excited and happy to bring, as he said, a ‘flower of salt’. He gave it  joyfully to my mom, and she received it just as she received the most beautiful flower bouquet. I knew something important was happening, but I was too small to know that Sallina was producing the first snow-white crystals.

This first crystal, the sign of the rich harvest of salt, was the most beautiful decoration in our house, until the next summer, when it was replaced by a new one.

Many years later I learned and realized that the salt crystal was indeed the most beautiful flower and understood mom’s happy tears.

I hope, I believe, I am convinced that once again, the presently sad and faint Salina saltpans will flourish again. That  they will be covered each summer with snow, sparkling salty flowers. That some new boys will look confused at their parents how they enjoy the salt flower and take care with their mothers to avoid plain rain in the middle of August. I see salty flowers again in glass cubes of Ulcinj houses.