Bicycles for Ulcinj Salina

  • Wednesday October 10th, 2018
Post Series: Ulcinj Salina

Thanks to the British soap company LUSH, MSJA managed to respond to the demand of a growing number of visitors and provide bicycles for Ulcinj Salina. 13 new bicycles were delivered to be used by the current manager of Ulcinj Salina, the administration of the National Parks of Montenegro. They are located in a recently renovated bicycle house at the entrance of the Salina. The use of the bicycles is free. However, one has to show the ID-card and sign a form stating that one is careful while using the bicycle during the ride.
Enjoy the magic and explore Ulcinj Salina and write us about your experience (if you wish also with some pictures).

For salt. For birds. For people.

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