Info map about Ulcinj Salina

  • Friday May 31st, 2019
Map UlcinjSalina
Post Series: Ulcinj Salina

Info map about Ulcinj Salina were created by a volunteer 

In September and October 2018 MSJA was supported by the German volunteer Viviane Meyer. In her time in Ulcinj she helped us to realize  and to finish the long time planned project of a multi language info map about Ulcinj Salina. Viviane Meyer created a beautiful info map which  includes on two pages background information in Montenegrin, Albanian, English and German and a detailed map of the 15 km² large salt pan. In addition directions and pictures of over 20 different bird species are included. This will make the first bird watching trip easier for tourists.

Due to the fact that the dykes (paths) at the Ulcinj Salina are not maintained in a proper way and due to a very rainy period, the bicycle-tour is not possible as it is shown in the map.

Thank you for your understanding.

Find the info map here.