Competition launch “Youth Awareness on pressing climate change and sustainability issues”

  • Thursday June 27th, 2019
Youth Competition Poster 1

MSJA- Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association in partnership with Academy of European Integration and Negotiations (AIEN),  and Institute for Development Policy – INDEP, supported by Western Balkans Fund have the pleasure to launch the Competition “Youth Awareness on pressing climate change and sustainability issues”

We invite young people (15-29 years old) from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro to participate  by submitting one of the following application materials:

  1. Essay/Article (max 1000 words)
  2. Photo (including a short description or citation)
  3. Videos (max 1 minutes)
  4.      Meme

All the materials MUST be original creations of the participants on the contest and no other content such as internet pictures, copied text from other articles etc. will be allowed. All the submissions MUST be in English and can also include a translation in native language. The submitted material will have to present an acute and actual problem that is faced in their respective countries/regions/cities. Participants are encouraged to present environmental/climate issues that include cross border territories like issues of Lake Shkodra, Sharr Mountains, etc. 

Send your applications at , until 25 July 2019

First price   300 EUR

Second price 200 EUR

Third price     100 EUR

The main THEMES of the submissions can be/but are not limited to the following:

  1. Effects of Climate Change in your Country or City

1.1. Hotter summers and colder winters as a result of climate change and the problems they are causing to the normal way of living

  1. a)Heating homes or cooling homes in more extreme temperature spike
  2. b)Infrastructure like roads, bridges, water pumping stations being affected by extreme weather

            1.2. How Climate change has affected nature and animals

  1. a) Trees blossoming at strange timing
  2. b) Animals migration
  3. c) Heavy rainfall causing floods and erosion.
  4. d) How farmers are dealing with these changes and how does it affect crops and livestock

      1.3. Emigration issues as a result of climate

a)economic revenues from farming and worse infrastructure leads to emigration

1.4. What is the government doing in regards to climate change mitigation and adaptation

  1. a)Energy management, (use of fossil fuels for energy, coal, oil etc.)
  2. b)Expansion of Renewable Energy
  3. c)Energy Efficiency
  4. d) Approved documents like Strategies, Action Plans for Climate and Energy and Environment.
  5. How Climate Change impacts the Western Balkan region and cross border issues

2.1.   Description of phenomena caused by climate change that can be observed in between Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. Natural or manmade events that effect 2 or more countries and that joint effort are needed to solve. Examples include rivers that run across countries, lakes, mountains, Buna-Bojana Delta, etc.

Good luck with your applications,