QUESTIONNAIRE “Our daily lifestyle contribution to climate change”

  • Tuesday July 2nd, 2019
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Dear participants,

Questionnaire “Our daily lifestyle contribution to climate change” is a part of the project titled “Youth Awareness on pressing climate change and sustainability issues” funded by the Western Balkans Fund. The project is implemented by the Academy of European Integration And Negotiation (AIEN) and the partners Institute for Development Policy – INDEP and MSJA- Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association.

The Questionnaire aims to:
-Gather information regarding the knowledge of the participants regarding sustainability and climate change and the lifestyle implications
-Educate citizens about each of the listed issues and the implications of each of those on climate change and sustainability.

To fulfill the educational goal of the questionnaire, further explanatory information is included on the bottom part on most of the questions. Please DO NOT read this information until you have answered the question.

This questionnaire IS NOT A TEST and is not meant to test the knowledge of the respondents but to gain an insight of how involved and informed are young people on the matters of Climate Change and Sustainability and to also contribute to enhanced awareness on  these matters. You are encouraged to respond to the best of your knowledge.

The questionnaire will  be open until 31st of July 2019.

This questionnaire will take approximately 7 Minutes to complete.

Here is the link for opening the questionnaire.

Thank you!