Ulcinj Salina while waiting for better days to come

  • Tuesday January 31st, 2017
IMG 5917
IMG 5917 IMG 6149 Sea Water Channel © Zenepa Lika

Ulcinj Salina is still not protected.
The danger lurks from everywhere. The birds are restless and their number is quite unsatisfactory (from today’s perspective).

Hunting must be prohibited without delay.

The dikes and channals are eroded…
The salt plant with its basins reminds more and more of a destruction scenario in an action movie. Reed is growing in the basins where years ago the salt was harvested – it is not a good sign. Steel corroded, wall sections (dikes and locks) broken …

sea water channel

sea water channel

There is no time to waste.
No declarative speech needed anymore…
Ulcinj Salina is a cultural heritage at its finest and needs to be treated like that!
With dedication, dignity, attention, future-orientated, love and respect.