Some friends of late Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby decided to establish an association to honour his merits for nature protection in the Balkans. The association aims to continue the work within the legacy of Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby to preserve the Salina and other natural heritage in Ulcinj.

Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby was a dedicated biologist and ornithologist who devoted his life to the research and protection of Ulcinj Salina for over ten years. Unfortunately, Ulcinj Salina remains unprotected, despite the enormous importance it has for the biodiversity of the entire European continent.

The Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association (MSJA) aims at raising awareness for the conservation and protection of Ulcinj Salina as a key part of the biodiversity in Montenegro and beyond. In addition a goal is to encourage the community to take the necessary steps to achieve the formal protection of Ulcinj Salina as nature park and Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site).

Here you can view our statute.

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Founder and Executive Director

In 1983 Zenepa Lika migrated to Germany with her parents. After finishing high school she enrolled in economics studies and then decided to study architecture at Bergische Universität Wuppertal, where she graduated in 2005. The unique natural beauty of her beloved city of Ulcinj is the reason for her decision to return to her homeland. Working for the benefit of all is her motivation. “October 4th in 2014 is the day when I entered into Ulcinj Salina for the first time. I was shocked and then during the long walk along the basins I saw flamingos. This beauty cannot leave anybody indifferent. On the one hand, you have an indescribably beautiful area, and on the other hand, in the immediate vicinity of this treasure stands a ruthless devastation, in this case of a traditional company. This ambivalence describes, and it is a synonym, of the Montenegrin state. In those words, my friends used to describe their experiences made in Montenegro. Ulcinj Salina deserves our attention and love.



Gudrun Steinacker is a retired German diplomat. She held positions in the US, the former Yugoslavia, France, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Russia. From 2014 to 2016 she was the German ambassador to Montenegro.

She met Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby as a young scientist in Croatia in 1987. Realizing the continued destruction of the biological diversity in Ulcinj Salina, which was the focus of the work of Dr Schneider-Jacoby in Montenegro, she engaged and helped to raise awareness about the Salina issue among the diplomatic corps based in Montenegro and European political scene and brought them to get involved in the protection of Ulcinj Salina.

In honour of Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby´s work she decided to support the founding of MSJA.


Founder & Board member

Darko Saveljić is, among other things, the founder of the Society for the Protection of Animals in Podgorica and the Center for the Protection and Study of Birds of Montenegro (CZIP). He is a biologist and is an expert in bird studies (ornithology). He specialized in numerous international programs in the field of bird and nature protection in the USA, Korea, India, Canada, Morocco, the EU, etc.

He is a participant and coordinator of the European nest atlas, the European Red List of Birds, the IBA of Montenegro, is a representative of Montenegro in the AEWA Secretariat and is a member of the Scientific Council at the Bonn Convention.

Since 1999, he actively promotes and works on the protection of the birds of Ulcinj Salina and has been actively working with Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby for over 10 years.


Board member

One of the most important reasons for my life in Montenegro is the beauty of nature, the vicinity of the sea, the climate and the great number of sunny hours during the year. Therefore, my engagement around Ulcinj Salina is a natural consequence of what is my essence. To preserve this natural unique reservoir and habitat of birds, with the inevitable salt production, it positively affects the entire ecosystem and climatic conditions of this region. Protecting the Ulcinj Salina and proclaiming it as a natural monument, ie. preserving untouched Salina is what this Association is fighting for, and I hope that my engagement in will contribute and be effective. “Respect nature and what it is, so that it will give you what you need,” and the results of respecting this principle are better living conditions and better-quality tourist offer.


Board member

Since 2012, Dritan Abazovic is the youngest member of the Parliament of Montenegro. He is the founder and vice president of the political party of “United Reform Action – URA”.

He is a member of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants, the Committee on European Integration and the Committee on Human Rights and Freedom in the Parliament of Montenegro.

Currently, he is a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Political Theory, University of Montenegro. Long-standing associate of non-governmental organizations in the field of human rights, Euro-Atlantic and civic activism.

As a former Executive Director of NGO Mogul in Ulcinj, he is already familiar with NGO activities and supports MSJA activities in his hometown of Ulcinj.


Board member

Dragan Hajduković is a Montenegrin physicist who has been in love with Ulcinj since his childhood. He worked as a professor in Belgrade and is a scientist at CERN, Geneva / Switzerland. His latest research speaks of the fight against cancer cells and the gravitational properties of quantum vacuum.

As a writer of the brochure “Montenegro – towards the first ecological state” there is still an unrealized dream where Montenegro will become an example of the best practice of a wise, humanly organized and economically wealthy society. He does not give up on his dream.



Already before studying Geography Gabriel Schwaderer was active and supported the nature conservation foundation EuroNatur in their objective to protect Europes natural treasures.

Since 1998 he is the CEO of EuroNatur with seat in Radolfzell, Germany. Due to various projects he knows the Balkan area very well. He was engaged i.a. in the protection of the Balkan Lynx and bears. In addition he is lobbying on national and international level for nature conservation.

EuroNatur is already active since 2002 for Ulcinj Salina and now leading the #SaveSalina campaign, in which MSJA is a partner.


The Adriatic Coast is of critical importance to the birds of Europe and Africa, and the Saline Ulcinj is a priceless part of it– a relatively tiny amount of land that serves as a resting and refueling station for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds. If Montenegro is serious about its commitment to the environment, Saline Ulcinj must be preserved and restored. Martin Schneider-Jacoby was a great friend and advocate of nature in the Adriatic, and he loved the Saline Ulcinj. It’s a privilege for me to be part of an association that bears his name.