The future of Ulcinj Salina’s rich biodiversity depends on a functioning salt production. Therefore, the renewal of the salt factory that once employed 400 workers would bring life not only for birds but also for local people, their families, and national economy. In order to fight for salt, for birds and for people, Montenegrin government has to resolve its stepping stone – a question of Ulcinj Salina ownership!



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Background information

Ulcinj Salina is a great wetland area in the municipality of Ulcinj in Southern Montenegro, located close to the Adriatic coast. The salina offers a unique habitat for thousands of migratory birds and recreation for tourists and residents.

Since 1938 salt was produced in the salina providing employment opportunities for roughly 400 people. In 2006 Ulcinj Salina was privatized in a non-transparent procedure and then gradually ran down. Eventually, in the year 2013, the salt production stopped, leading to the dismissal of all salt workers. Due to the missing management the infrastructure and water supply deteriorate day by day. This lowers the values of Salina drastically.

Thousands of birds use the salina each year for nesting and roosting. Great flamingos, black-winged stilts and Dalmatian Pelicans are some of the birds one encounters in the salina.

Unfortunately this jewel is in danger: There exist initiatives to sell the salina to pave the way for the erection of a luxury resort. That would mean the destruction of this precious habitat – home to over 250 bird species. Nevertheless, it is still unclear if the selling of Salina is an illegal action.