Valdanos represents the unique and largest olive complex in Montenegro, with about 80,000 trees. This olive grove is the largest living monument of olive cultivation in the Adriatic and has about 18,000 olive trees with an average age of about 800 years. Although the Montenegrin olive growing law of 1992 places this place under special protection of the state, the olive trees are destroyed because of neglect, thus endangering the natural and cultural heritage that makes this area unique. The beach of Valdanos was declared a natural monument according to the law of 1968.

Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby proposed the construction of a pedestrian path leading from Valdanos to the old town.

“… a walk along the sea, next to the olive groves and the maquis, from the unique Valdanos to the cultural historical monument of the first category, the Ulcinj old town, is an ideal route and a unique experience”

Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby

Valdanos In Blue And Green ©